Once I had developed the messaging and materials, the next step was for implementation. I created a weekly schedule of tasks which were mostly about getting the materials into the inboxes of the right people.

Week 1:
Campaign Announcement on blog
Email contacts
Ping Skype contacts
Send thank you emails as donations are received

Week 2:
Campaign updates and thank you posts on my blog
Send email to contacts in social networking services
Send email to listservs
Leave comments on photos and videos with related content in flickr and video hosts
Leave thank you comments on blog posts and blogs where widget or campaign was featured
Forward photos and videos to different groups in service
Send thank you emails as donations are received

Week 3:
Campaign update and thank you notes on my blog
Send 2nd email to contacts who didn't respond
Send 2nd email message to social networking contacts, listservs, etc
Email asked for ten people to donate $10 each to help complete the campaign.

Week 4:
Post campaign thank you blog posts, videos, and photos

Some Ideas of How To Use Social Networking Services To Enhance Your Campaign

I decided to experiment with several social networking services where I have strong presence and have established contacts. Here are some techniques I used:

  • Joined affinity groups (groups of users interested in the same content) that related to ngo, nonprofit, cambodia or poverty reduction and forwarded selected photos and videos from my campaigns to those groups. I made sure that I included a clear title and description as well as a call to action and url to campaign site. (See this example )
* I added "tags" (short key words) to my photos and videos. The tags I used included: fundraising, ngo, npo, nonprofit, widget, cambodia, khmer, charity, development, povertyreduction, etc.
  • I also booked marked my blog posts, videos, and photos into delicious also using those tags
  • Created a Digg entry for the campaign page
  • Searched for content in the services that related to the content of my campaign and left comments on those posts, photos, or videos - with a link.
  • Emailed contacts in the various social networking applications about the campaign.
  • I set up a technorati "watch word" feed so I could easily monitor any blog posts that included a link to my blog or mention of my name or the campaign. If I found someone linking to the campaign or writing about it, I left a thank you comment.

Saying Thank You

During the beta period, prior to the adding the feature of receiving donation updates via email or RSS, I made my ChipIn the dash board for my browser. That way, I was reminded to check the page for donations and as soon as I received a donation, I sent a thank you note. In addition, I am sending regular emails to donors (not asking for money) to update them on Leng Sopharath's progress.