I was able to raise the most money ever for the Sharing Foundation. All of the 29 people who contributed to my campaign had not donated to the Sharing Foundation previously. What is still unanswered is the best way to retain them as donors.

Here are the numbers.

  • The campaign raised $882.25 or 117% of $750 goal from 29 donors in 26 days.

Gift Amount
Number of Gifts
Amount Raise
$15 or less
$50 plus

Percentage of Total
Amount Raised
Virtual Only
Blog Reader
Friend of a Friend (don't know)
Social Networking Contact (no relationship)

  • Donors came from UK, Canada, and USA

ChipIn is able to generate a map of donor locations. See the example here

Coverage Generated

  • 12 out of the 29 donors or 37% write a post and linked to the campaign site or included the badge in their post or on their blog
  • An additional 12 bloggers also blogged about the campaign or included the badge in their post or on their blog

You can find links to all the blog posts from donors and nondonors here and screencaptures here

Amount of Time Involved

I spent about six hours on this campaign, with about 2-3 hours for the video. The time invested in getting organized enabled me to easily implement the campaign in small chunks. While the video creation and production took half of the time required to implement the campaign, there is no object measure to estimate the return. In the Revver platform, however, we earned approximately $3.77 in advertising click thrus.