Day 1 (Nov 11th, 2006): Setup account and page
Day 2 $25, 1 contributor
Day 3: Added YouTube Video, Blogged in Beth's Blog
Day 4 $75 raised (3 contributors). Katya Andresen’s blog where I am guest blogging. I describe the experiment and invite readers to give her suggestions on how to expand her fundraising efforts.
Skyped colleagues and sent out a couple of emails to colleagues andn friends
Day 5: $241 raised (6 contributors). The ChipIn widget has spread to other blogs such as The Bamboo Project First-of-its-kind Nonprofit Blog Exchange
Day 6: $262 rasied (1 contributor) as of 10 a.m. PST. Another widget was placed on the second life blog. Beth also writes up a nice summery of her distributed fundraising experience so far. Michael Stein wrote an excellent article entitled “ChipIn: Online Fundraising’s Next Frontier” and references an excellent article written by Peter’s excellent guide on how to use ChipIn. Netsquared has two entries now on ChipIn, one by beth and the other by peter. Ok.. another posting by Britt Bravo at Blogher and see what’s out there.
Day 7: $331 raised (2 contributors) as of 7:45 a.m. PST. Beth is 44% of the way to her goal! A new blog posting at the root blog SmArts $ Culture
Day 10: $381 raised (1 contributor) as of 3 pm PST. Beth is now 50% of the way to her goal! Lisa Canter made the contribution that pushed the campaign over the half way mark. Beth made an excellent blog post today on her sharing foundation ChipIn campaign so far.

Day 11: $516 (2 contributors). 68% of goal.
Posted on Cambodia4kids Blog - got linked in Micropresuasion and E-politics.

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Cambodian Bloggers

Mongkol, a Cambodian college student who is studying in the US on a Fullbright Scholarship and knows the importance of a college education had this to say.

Tharum, who I had the pleasure of meeting via my work with Global Voices, has linked to the Campaign.


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