Personal Fundraising Campaign: Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you think through your campaign goals, strategy, and activities.

1. Purpose: What will you raise money for? What will the money do?

2. Amount: How much will you raise?

3. Campaign Length: How long will your campaign run?

4. How do you want to collect your funds?

5. Messaging: Why do you care about this campaign? Is there a personal story you can share?

6. What do you want your supporters to do? Make a list of specific actions.

7. Who are your prospects? Review each of these sources and flag contacts who want to approach.

A. Email address book
B. IM client
C. Listservs
D. Social networking sites where you are an active member
E. Online communities where you are an active member

8. Create your materials check list:

Widget placement Blog Post Text - launch, reports formats, thank yous Campaign Site Web Site blurb Email blurbs - launch, pitch 1, pitch 2, thank yous Email Subject headers Messages to send to contacts in social networking services Photos Video

9. Campaign Activities: Timeline

List what messages you will send to who and when Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: